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5 Reasons To Blog Under Your Own Name

5 Reasons To Blog Under Your Own Name



I've finally taken the plunge and am blogging under my own name. It's been a long time coming, but I felt like this was the right decision going forward for me and my personal brand.

Here are my 5 reasons to blog under your own name.

There are many reasons why I blogged under different blog names. Keeping my real name separate, I always outgrew the topics or names.

I recently deleted my old social media accounts, my blog on wordpress.com and changed the social media account names for my Twitter and Instagram.

These are the two main social media platforms I use to promote content and keep in touch with my audience.

My blog, Food Fashion Faith, which I spent the last year growing was always meant to be a test bed for content and ideas.

It grew in the last few months to be bigger than I expected, but I was super unhappy about the name and direction it was going in.

I didn't want to in the category of a Food Blogger (although I love them!), as that's what my blog name projected I was all about.

I tested various topics and found that there were some that were a better fit for me. The direction I'm going in now is different than a year ago.

I also found that when people were googling me, they found content that I was no longer passionate about, or had changed my opinion on.

Image from Unsplash.

Image from Unsplash.

So, to take back my own narrative, I decided to rebrand and take ownership of my personal brand.

I'm not all about one thing, I'm doing so many other things. I wanted to create one central thing to house everything and find a name that I could not outgrow.

In a nutshell, I re-branded because I wanted to:

1) Start writing under my own name

2) Take ownership of my brand

3) Not start another blog and then tire of it months later due to content fatigue.

4) Explore the topics I want to talk about without feeling like I am restricted due to my blog name.

5) Work with individuals and companies to give them a more human insight into who I am as a person.

I also chose to do something different and ensure continuity by choosing my name as my domain name.

According to Mr. T's logic, you're not going to grow tired of your own name, now are you?

Have you been through a rebrand recently?

What do you think about blogging under your own name? 


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