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1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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I know I'm a year late, seeing as we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary yesterday, but I thought I'd put these thoughts down for 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas.

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas. Struggling to gift your spouse for your 1st wedding anniversary? Here's some great ideas that are a bit out of the box, and won't break the bank (unless you want them to!) |

The 1st Anniversary may mark the worst or best year if your life. Regardless, getting married and then actually maintaining that marriage is a lot of hard work, and even if you have been together for years, that first year is an eye opener.

I only knew Mr T for 3 months before we got engaged, and met him 3 times before we decided to take the plunge. Looking back on it, I would have taken my time to really get to know him, so that we could have worked out our issues well before the marriage was ever finalised, but when you're in a new relationship, the stars seem to shine and everything is aligned perfectly.

When I actually got married and had to live with him, it took a LOT of adjustment for both of us. Between our families pulling us in either direction, it was make-or-break a lot of the time, but alhamdulillah, we survived it.

So, to honour that first year, I think it's super important to celebrate it in style. On our first anniversary last year, we ended up at someone else's wedding! That's the only problem when you get married in peak wedding season, you can never celebrate your own anniversary properly.

Here are some gift ideas for couples to mark that special day:

1) Organise a Photoshoot

It doesn't have to cost anything or involve a professional photographer (unless you want to!). Set up a camera on a Tripod and take a photo of yourselves on route to Dinner, or the Beach or wherever you're choosing to mark your special day all dressed up. When you look back on it in a couple of years time, that first Anniversary photo will hold just as special a place in your heart as your Wedding ones.

2) Go Out For Dinner

Some great ideas for dinners are where you had your first date (Nandos, after we moved in together), where you got engaged (if it was a fancy restaurant locally) or even at home, if you simply can't get out of the house for whatever reason. Sharing food with your spouse is one of the sweetest and most romantic things you can do. If you're stuck at home, make it special. Bring out your best china and silverware, dress up and take pictures, you'll treasure them later.

3) Gift an Album of your First Year together

This was one of the gifts I gave Mr T last year, and it is one of our most cherished ones. It doesn't have to be expensive, I found a great deal on Amazon Local for a professional quality photobook for only £9! This is a great way to relive the fun times you had together, as I know in the hubbub of daily life, this gets forgotten.

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4) Tickets for a Holiday, Concert, Hotel etc.

I strongly encourage you to go away for a couple of days if you can afford it, it truly refreshes you to go back where you went on Honeymoon or go away to a neighbouring country for a few days. We ended up going to Paris and it was one of the best holidays we had together! Do the planning and booking at least 6 weeks in advance, as this is when you can get the best deals. I managed to find a boutique hotel in the heart of Paris at the last minute, and we paid the same price for 3 nights as we would have done for 1 night normally!

5) Buy a Scratch Off Map

If your spouse loves to travel, then this is a great way to chart your adventures together, and plan some new ones! I bought this Luckies Scratch Map Personalised World Map* for Mr T as a way to keep track of where we'd been together and plan our next adventure!

6) Write Down Your Dates and Frame Them

Every relationship has those special dates that we all want to remember, I found this great hack on Pinterest and with a little work in Photoshop, I made this project for us and put it in a frame one of my friends gave us for our wedding, it truly is a special way to remember those special dates, and best of all, you can always change them when you add more special dates you want to remember. Some ideas for special dates include the day you met, the day you got engaged, the day you got married etc.



1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas. Struggling to gift your spouse for your 1st wedding anniversary? Here's some great ideas that are a bit out of the box, and won't break the bank (unless you want them to!) |