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Building an Authentic Life and Blog

I lost my way. I got caught up in everybody else's version of what is good for me, that I stopped asked myself what feels real and good for me. Here's why you should build an authentic blog and life.

Building an Authentic Life and Blog | My painful realisation that authenticity is incredibly difficult to find and maintaining your integrity as a blogger is the most important thing |

This place hasn't felt like home for a long time, and I apologise for that. Mea Culpa. I got so caught up in trying to be a brand and believing the hype that you can be a million pound blogger, that I forgot who I was writing for primarily, me.

I have always written, and it's been my therapy, but when our financial situation turned sour because my husband couldn't find a job after December due to his industry's market crash, I lost my way. I fell into a deep depression, and I've only just managed to get myself out.

I tried every online course going. First, there was the Social Media Marketing Diploma, which turned out to be a complete joke because I got it through Amazon Local and the lectures could have been so much better taught by someone who actually used social media. Second, I tried my hand at being a proofreader, even paid for a course and then when they introduced standardised testing, I realised I wasn't the best proofreader.

Third, I signed up for Elite Blogging Academy to try and make my blog more profitable, and to be fair, that has been a worthy investment, but it made me turn everything upside down and realise I wasn't happy at my old blog. That's when I decided to try and turn my name into a brand, blog for profit and get rich. Except, that didn't happen, and I fell into a deep depression that I would never be enough. I got stuck comparing myself to other successful bloggers who had an idea of who they were writing for, and were willing to go that extra mile to make money. I just wasn't. I had no idea who I was writing for, even though i tried many times to quantify it, and I just ended up hurting my voice and myself in the process.

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Now I realise, the person I was always writing for was me. So, hello best friend, welcome back. You have been missed.

The reason we all get so caught up in making our Blog a brand, is we forget this community was all about making friends and sharing information. Suddenly, the corporate machine got into our heads that we had to make money from our friendships, and then it turned into a competition.

I admit, I too got caught up in that, and if the opportunity for a collaboration that fit my brand should arise, I would take it. That's not betraying myself, that's lending my voice to something that I'd be interacting with anyway.

So, why should we be building an authentic life and blog? Simply because YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED UNTIL YOU DO! It took me ages and working through Regina's blog posts, worksheets and adult homework to make me realise that my brand is me. The good, the bad and the ugly. Rather than repressing it, I should be living my life authentically and build my brand as authentically as possible in order to humanise it and keep myself sane. People don't interact with versions of themselves that other people might like, they interact and empathise with the real, flawed human being. This is why robots haven't conquered the world yet, and if they have when you read this post, I bow down to our electronic overlords (OK no, but gotta make them feel better!).

Going forward, I'm going to be more authentic and real on all the platforms and conversations I will be part of. I will make more of an effort. You will hear my voice. I will roar.



Building an Authentic Life and Blog | My painful realisation that authenticity is incredibly difficult to find and maintaining your integrity as a blogger is the most important thing |

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