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The Read List

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It's been a while since I've read anything at all, so thought I'd compile a list of my latest reads this month to share what's been good and what just didn't tackle my fancy.

Book reviews of Spoiled Brats - Simon Rich, The Woman I Wanted Toe Be - Diane Von Fursetnberg & The Bees - Laline Paull

Spoiled Brats - Simon Rich

A short story collection about how today's generation has no idea how good they have it. From the story of Pocahontas the male hamster trapped in a Private school full of spoiled young brats to an ancestor awakening after a century being trapped in a Pickle tin, to the family that chooses to die than face old age; it's absolutely hilarious and sparkles with sharp humour and dialogue.

Spoiled Brats
By Simon Rich

The Woman I Wanted to Be - Diane Von Furstenberg

An autobiography and lessons in business all rolled into one. Diane Von Furstenberg is a modern day chameleon who has emerged from losing her business twice to rebuild it bigger and better than before. If ever there was a tale of a creative who needed someone to help them with the business side, this is it. This made me realise that as creatives, we're not always great at planning ahead or putting together a well thought out business plan, which Diane clearly shows is the road map to building a successful brand. Full of great quotes and solid advice on life, love and business.

The Woman I Wanted To Be
By Diane von Furstenberg

The Bees - Laline Paull

This is something I saw on someone else's book list and I was instantly intrigued. At first I really enjoyed the plot of sanitation worker Flora who has a gift that is recognised by the Sage priestess in the hive. Then towards the middle the story became a little tired and I got bored with the various subplots and couldn't figure out how Flora was going to get from A to B. If you're into bees and their secret lives, this is an imaginatively told tale, it just didn't resonate with me. (UK/USA)*

The Bees
By Laline Paull

What are some new books you've read lately?



Book reviews of Spoiled Brats - Simon Rich, The Woman I Wanted Toe Be - Diane Von Fursetnberg & The Bees - Laline Paull