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10 Item Wardrobe Summer 2015 Edition - Lessons Learned

I love my 10 item wardrobe, and this season was the first one I practiced it exclusively, but I learned some valuable lessons about what worked and what didn't.

10 Item Wardrobe - Summer 2015 Edition. Lessons learned from the 10 item wardrobe that will take you into any season |

1. Maxi Dresses Don't Suit Me

I bought some maxi dresses from Bradford a couple of months ago, and they just do not suit me. Now I'm carrying some extra weight in the front (No, I'm not pregnant), they just tend to emphasise it more, and just don't look good on me.

Lesson learned: Midi dresses are my new best friend, invest in them for next season.

2. Don't Buy 5 Of An Item That Doesn't Fit Because It's Cheap

Yup, I made this mistake when I bought 5 of the same cotton shirt from Florence and Fred, and they didn't fit properly. I should have just returned them all, but I was desperate for some work shirts in the heat, so I kept them. Next time, I would make sure to just buy one and if it didn't fit either get a size up or down or just return it. I also learned that shirts are not for me. I'm better suited to boxy tops as they're a lot more forgiving.

Lesson learned: Only buy 1 of an item, and if you like it, then buy some more.

3. You Need a Colour Scheme

This was a hard lesson to learn, I didn't realise I need a colour theme so that everything fits in with everything else. An obvious lesson now, but a valuable one to learn. I've now used Pinterest to make a secret board and have pinned clothes I want to buy, which helped me to figure out my main colour theme this season. This means I can now buy the correct clothes, accessories, shoes and scarves to complement the outfit. This doesn't mean I buy EVERYTHING on the board, it's more for inspiration as to what colour scheme I'm attracted to this season, cuts and fits from various shops.

I've found the infographic above so helpful in picking accent colours for my colour theme this year which is moody blues.

Lesson learned: Utilise a mood board to figure out your colour scheme for the season and only buy from that scheme.

Stock Image from Unsplash

Stock Image from Unsplash

4. Utilise Your Accessories

I've been guilty of buying accessories and jewellery and not utilising them to full capacity because they didn't go with anything. Now I know my colour scheme, I can make sure each outfit is perfectly accessorised and I feel more put together.

Lesson learned: Your colour scheme will feed into everything you do, so make sure you pick accent colours that complement in the accessories.

5. Buy Smart and Utilise Cash Back Sites

This is a new tip I picked up from Elena of Muslim Travel Girl, I am kicking myself for all the times I missed this to get some cash back on my normal purchases. It's only an extra step, but it's already started paying off. I've been using Top Cash Back to get cash back on my normal purchases, and whilst the cash back isn't huge, I can see over time, it will add up.

Lesson learned: Always try and find a way to get the best deal on your purchases whether that's through Cashback sites or loyalty programmes.

6. Sell or Donate Your Old Stuff and Move On

The end of the season is a good time to sell on hardly worn items or items that you just keep passing over because they're not quite you. Before you do, make a quick note as to why you're parting with that item. Did the colour wash you out? Was it too tight? Too baggy? Did the pattern not suit you or the style? I'll be passing on the Maxi Dresses, a Skirt and various other items that just didn't quite fit my style when I change my clothes over for the season.

Lesson learned: Appreciate the items you're parting with, thank them for their service, and then move on.

7. Plan Your Next 10 Item Wardrobe

Utilise the tips above to sell your old stuff, figure out a colour scheme and then figure out what you want to incorporate in your next 10 item wardrobe. This will help build the foundation for pieces that last the distance and make you feel good!

Lesson learned: It's OK to let go of stuff once it's given you service, and it's OK to keep learning what works best for you.

What do you think of these tips?


10 Item Wardrobe - Summer 2015 Edition. Lessons learned from the 10 item wardrobe that will take you into any season |

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