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Beginners Professional Makeup Course @ London Makeup School

Beginners Professional Makeup Course @ London Makeup School

I recently completed the Beginners Professional Makeup Course at London Makeup School in Shoreditch, and I thought I'd share my experiences with anyone considering a career in Makeup Artistry.

Beginners Professional Makeup Course @ London School of Makeup Review. If you want to become a makeup artist, this course is a great introduction for the beginner to learn how to work on different skin tones and types. | Humairak.com

Ever since I completed the Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Course through Harrow College, which I talked about in my June Update, I've been itching to learn more. I spent a lot of time researching courses and eventually ended up at The London School of Makeup. That course was 2 weeks with an International Makeup Artist qualification and an exam to boot. The only down side was that instead of practicing on live models, we'd be practicing on fellow students in the class. I paid the deposit, and was ready to join in September.

In the meantime, I started researching Indian Bridal Hair courses to complement my Makeup course, and I ended up at the London Makeup School. I made an appointment with the school and spoke to a tutor about the Indian Bridal Hair and Makeup course, and explained I was already booked onto a beginners course. She was incredibly helpful and made me realise that not only was their beginners course shorter, but also included practicing on live models of different skin tones each day of the week. I was pretty much convinced, and decided to take up their beginners course instead. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my deposit back from the other school which sucked, but I got over it.

I did the Beginners Professional Makeup course last week, and I'll go through what we learned and how I felt each day.

Day 1

On Day 1, we had to reach the school by 9.45 as classes start at 10.00 am. I live about an hour and half away, but I still managed to get there on time. We were ushered into the class and introduced to our teacher Hena who was a working makeup artist. She introduced us to the course, what we were going to learn and gave us our brush kits, face charts and manuals.

We went through hygiene, skin care and client prep in the morning. She also outlined how we should apply the makeup for different skin tones, colour correcting and typical issues we might come across in the skin.

In the afternoon we were straight into applying natural makeup onto our models with Hena supervising and directing us on colours to use for each model.

Here's my first look of the week:

White Makeup Day 1 | Humairak.com

The brief was a natural day time look that's wearable.

The second look, we just changed the lip colour to something a little more vibrant, to instantly create a day to night look.

Day 2

On Day 2, we talked about colour theory and face shapes. I've never studied so many face shapes in my life, as I did that week! Every face shape has a different way to contour it, so it was interesting to figure out how to create the "perfect" face shape with makeup.

We also talked about eye shape and makeup, lips and contouring.

The afternoon session was focused on glamorous makeup for an evening event, and we had asian models to practice on. I always found that talking to the models, and putting them at ease put me at ease!

Beginners Professional Makeup Course @ London Makeup School | Humairak.com

Day 3

I found doing the eyeliner was one of the hardest parts, especially the flicks. Hena, our teacher, had to come help me understand this many times, and I'm still not perfect but I hope I'm getting there!

On the third day, we were taught how to do smoky eyes. This is one of the most requested looks, and honestly, once you know how, it's really not that hard!

Beginners Professional Makeup Course @ London Makeup School | Humairak.com

My first model of the day got the natural look, and I ended up choosing to do a nude lip for her. My second model got the glam treatment, we also had to add strip lashes to the look and she looked amazing. We were all asked to use the same grey steel colour on our models.

Looking back, I would have blended a lot more, but I was using loose pigments and they're a little hard to work with. I messed up on the lips, because I underestimated how colours work on darker skin tones, but I ended up blending 2 bolder and 1 nude lip colours to create the lips, and it actually turned out better than I expected!

Day 4

We were flagging a bit by this point. Standing up for hours on end, twisting and turning when you're not used to it puts a lot of pressure on you. I'd definitely advise comfortable clothes and shoes, especially as you'll get hot easily.

Beginners Professional Makeup Course @ London Makeup School | Humairak.com

The brief was glamorous makeup in the morning with a classic matte red lip, and in the afternoon it was to use bright and bold colours to create a look. My model in the afternoon loved her look so much, she didn't want to take it off!

Day 5

On the final day, we were given an in-depth theory session on what to put into our kit, how to network and how to set prices.

Beginners Professional Makeup Course @ London Makeup School | Humairak.com

Our last brief was to do whatever we wanted. I decided to go with a classic red carpet inspired look, with oxblood lips which my model actually asked for! It turned out amazing, and I was incredibly pleased with my look.

At the end of the day, we were given our certificates and hugged each other goodbye.

Overall, I'd say my experience was definitely a positive one, and despite losing my deposit at the other school, I am so glad I did the Beginners course with the London Makeup School.

I learned so much not just about makeup, but about how to be patient and to listen to direction. I know I need to practice some more, but I'm definitely more confident with makeup than I was before.

I'd also recommend finding a course where you can practice on different skin tones, types, and shapes to give you the best practice, as this will make you much more confident in every environment.

Would you do a professional makeup course?


Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Course @ London School of Makeup

Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Course @ London School of Makeup

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