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MAC Haul at Spitalfields Market

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Last week, I had the opportunity to go to a MAC event for graduates of the London School of Hair & Makeup. The event was held in Spitalfields Market at the MAC store to showcase their new season trends. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures during the demo, but here's what I learned.

I knew where Spitalfields Market was thanks to the Jack The Ripper tour we did in August, and I had seen the MAC store when we went. Finding the store in the chaos of night time was more difficult, but I managed to get there by the skin of my teeth!

I was seated and offered some drinks whilst we watched Josh demonstrate the new trends of bold eyes and lips on the lovely Emily. In between each section, we had the run of the MAC Store to play with the products. Josh and team came around and asked us about what we wanted to learn more about, demonstrated products and generally made us feel like we were playing!

At the end of the day, this was my completed look:

MAC Cosmetics haul from Spitalfields market including foundation, oil control lotion, lipsticks and lip liners |

We learned the following:

  1. Use Fix Plus or any other setting spray to prep the face even before primer and make sure it is a light mist. Spray from as far away as you can.
  2. Prime the face and let the primer set for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Apply foundation to the face to create the base. I used MAC Face and Body.
  4. Add MAC Pro Longwear Concealer for more coverage if needed on the areas of your face that need it.
  5. Apply a Paint Pot to the base of the eyelid and using a brush, brush the rest of the product upwards towards the brow.
  6. Use a pencil brush to define the eyebrows and use a mascara spoolie or eyebrow brush to brush the product through until you are happy.
  7. Sweep the main eyeshadow colour onto the eye. Add a darker shade in the eye crease and a light shade underneath the brow bone.
  8. Apply eyeliner and mascara. For a more defined look with mascara, dot the mascara at the roots and then brush out.
  9. Bounce the blusher on the face to give a healthy glow, do not rub vigourously. Take the blusher up to the temple area for more definition.
  10. Use sculpting powder to contour the face.
  11. Finish with lipstick of your choice and spray setting spray onto the face to complete the look.

The main thing I was surprised by was that we didn't use powder at any point, but miraculously, my makeup still looked great when I came home!

Here's what I ended up buying on the night:

MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline |

I was actually amazed at how easy to use this was. I'd had good experiences with this at the makeup school but it literally went on like a dream and using the brush, my eyes were so well defined.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot - Groundwork

MAC Paintpot Groundwork |

I used this at the school, and the tutor said this colour was perfect for asian skin and honestly I could not agree more. I was a bit brave and chose an orange colour, but this colour by itself was just beautiful, that any orange or gold colour I added on top looked even better.

One of the products I bought was not what I wanted, and I only realised when I was writing this post, so I went back over the weekend to return it and ended up getting some more things instead.

MAC Haul 2 |


MAC Viva Glam Lipstick |

This was the lipstick that Josh used on the model in the demo, but I forgot to write it down. Mr. T liked it so much he made me go back and find out what it was! It's a charity lipstick which means all the proceeds go to people living with HIV and Aids.

MAC Lip Liner - Spice

MAC Spice Lip Pencil

I wanted a nudeish lip liner as my Rimmel one had run out.

MAC Oil Control Lotion

MAC Oil Control Lotion |

I swapped the original primer for this one as I've been getting really oily on my T-zone lately and I needed something to help with that, as my other drug store primers just made me more oily.

MAC Face and Body Foundation

MAC Studio Face & Body |

I got given a sample of this and I LOVED it as a lightweight foundation for every day, I decided to purchase the full sized bottle. It applies really sheer so is perfect for every day wear.

Just to preface this by saying, not all these products will be used just for me. I'll be de-potting some of them for client work, and will be doing a tutorial to show you how if you're interested.

What are your favourite MAC products?



MAC Cosmetics haul from Spitalfields market including foundation, oil control lotion, lipsticks and lip liners |