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October 2015 Update

Hi All!

I've been a bit quiet for the last week because I've been so busy for the last 2 weeks. So, last week I actually completed my Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Course with London Makeup School which was incredibly intensive, I will post a review on my experiences soon.

October 2015 Update

So, yesterday it was my birthday and I am officially in my 30 somethings now! I don't feel any different being 31 than when I was in my 20's, to be honest. The older you get, the less you worry about what to do for your birthday. We had a quiet dinner and dessert. Perfect!

So, this month on the blog I updated you on my October makeup haul of which only the higher end brands made the cut. As the weather's turned cooler, I'm not wearing the H&M blazer I showcased in my Monochrome and Teal post, but I have been living in my cape from Primark. I'm a cape convert! If you are on half-term or any sort of holiday this week or need something to do, then I highly recommend the FREE Natural History Museum. I'd totally go back as we only saw a little bit of the museum.

Finally, I'm starting off my journey as a Hair & Makeup Artist inshallah (God willing) so have been furiously buying up products for professional use. You saw some of my buys on the MAC Haul I did, but I have so much more to showcase soon. I just need to finish putting together my basic kit and if you're interested, I'm happy to talk about what you really need in a beginners kit.

So, over to you!

How was this month for you?

What are you looking forward to in November?

Anything you want me to talk about?

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