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Hiatus and Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! I'm going to be going on hiatus from blogging from now until the New Year and hope to bring some fresh content to you from the 6th of January 2016 (Inshallah - God willing).

If you've visited my site since yesterday you've noticed I've tweaked the layout, gotten rid of a lot of stuff and changed the logo again. I'm working through Sarah Akwisombe's No Bull Blog School for the next few weeks and that's why you'll see differences between now and the end of the course on the site.

I've also changed the focus of this blog from general lifestyle to a specific resource for aspiring Makeup Artists who want to find out how to get into the Asian Makeup Industry. I've found that whilst there are some resources for Makeup Artists, there aren't specific blogs dedicated to becoming an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist, and I want to fill the gap with some really exciting content.

The newsletter will also have a bit of a revamp in the New Year, and will be more interactive. My goal is to get at least 50 people to sign up by the end of next year (I'm realistic!). Let me know what you would like to see specifically on the newsletter and the site.

I've finally started putting the pieces together for my Makeup Artist business, so if you want to know something specific then please feel free to leave a comment or contact me. If you have something specific you want to ask or want me to cover, then please get in touch.

Wishing you and all your loved ones a very happy festive season and all the best for the New Year!

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