How To Become an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist

Becoming an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist can be a life-long dream or a newly discovered passion that you want to turn into a business. This is a series that will be posted weekly showing you how to become an Asian Bridal Makeup artist. For many people, a Makeup Artist is a career akin to being a magician, and hiring a Makeup Artist for your wedding day is probably one of the most important decisions a bride can make.

How To Become an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist. Breaking into this market is incredibly hard, so here's how to become an asian bridal makeup artist. |

Asian Bridal Makeup is having a boom, gone are the days when the only colour was white and the only look was the one you got foisted on you. These days brides and bridal party members are incredibly savvy. With the popularity of YouTube, everyone's an aspiring makeup artist, but few really understand the intricacies of transforming a face so dramatically as an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist.

Here's my guide on how and why to become a makeup artist.

What is a Makeup Artist?

A Makeup Artist is a designer, magician, therapist and artist all rolled into one.

What's the point in being a Makeup Artist in the world of Youtube?

Youtube beauty gurus can only recommend products that work for their face shape and skin type. Most of the time, they're not qualified to give any type of skincare or makeup advice.

Furthermore, some YouTube channels make their money from sponsored videos, but these are not always explicitly stated.

Isn't becoming a Makeup Artist expensive?

Yes and No. Yes, initially for courses, kit, insurance etc. it can be expensive, but it's a lot cheaper than starting a business in a physical shop. Most makeup artists are mobile, and will travel to the client. You can always rent a space and have clients come to you as you get established, or have clients come to your home.

Why Should You Become an Asian Bridal Makeup Artist?

  • It's a fantastic career for women with families, and since it primarily involves women working with women, many conservative families are happy to allow their female family members to pursue this career.
  • It's primarily done on weekends, so it's easier to organise childcare.
  • It's a way to express yourself artistically.
  • Once you build a reputation, the amounts you can charge mean you can live comfortably, start your own school or makeup line.

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