Artist of Makeup - Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Swatches and Review

Artist of Makeup is a brand created by makeup artist Zukreat Nazar who is absolutely HUGE on Youtube. She is a professional Makeup Artist and has been in the industry for more than 16 years. She created her own line of makeup from foundations, eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes, contours, lashes and lipsticks to enable makeup artists and enthusiasts to have the best quality makeup for an affordable price.

I came across Artist of Makeup when I first started buying items for my professional makeup kit. I took a chance and decided to purchase some eyeshadows to test out the quality of the pigments, and I was not disappointed. I promptly ordered a palette and more eyeshadows, but they have been worth every penny.

I also bought the Extreme Art Liner Pen because I have a hard time applying gel liner, and this eyeliner promised precision and variety.

The Palette

Artist of Makeup Eyeshadow Palette Full Colours|


The individual eyeshadows are £6.50 each. An empty 15 palette is £12.00


The palette themselves come empty so that you can then add in your shades. They also have pre-made palettes, but I preferred making my own palette up of the kind of colours I knew I could use the most. I'm planning on buying more once I have more funds.


These colours last an incredibly long time on the eye, I've always been impressed at the longevity of them.


I thought I'd show you some swatches of my collection as there isn't a whole load of swatches out there for this brand.

Swatches From Top Row:

Artist of Makeup Eyeshadows
Artist of Makeup Row 1 Swatches |

Here's what the swatches look like on skin. As you can see Halo and Glow are the two lightest shades I have and would make perfect highlight colours for the inner corner and brow bone.

I'm constantly using St. Tropez and Gold Leaf on myself and clients because they are such gorgeous pigmented colours, you only really need a little bit!

Swatches From Middle Row:

Artist of Makeup Eyeshadows
Artist of Makeup Row 2 Swatches |

Here are the swatches on skin. I tend to use Cocoa and Figtorius as crease colours in darker smokey looks. I LOVE Black Smoke as it's perfect for smokey eyes. I haven't had a chance to try Bella or Queen of Hearts as yet, but they are super pigmented.

Swatches from Bottom Row:

Artist of Makeup Eyeshadows |
Artist of Makeup Row 3 Swatches |

These are the swatches on skin. I haven't tried any of these apart from Fiji yet, but they are so pigmented.

Extreme Eyeliner Pen

Artist of Makeup Extreme Artline Pen |

The Extreme Art Liner Pen is basically an eyeliner pen that's easy enough to use for the most hopeless of eyeliner enthusiasts. I just can't get on with gel liner, and since I don't have much lid space, I can't have lots of eyeliner and this is easy enough to use to create fine lines and flicks on myself and clients.


The Extreme Art Liner pen is £18.95


The pen includes a refillable cartridge so you don't have to buy a new pen every time. Cartridges are £6.95.


This wears incredibly well and is perfect for creating that perfect wing liner.

Artist of Makeup Extreme Eyeliner Pen |

Here's the kind of strokes you can get with the pen. From thick to thin!

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I hope you liked my exhaustive list of Artist of Makeup eyeshadows and eyeliner pens. I'm hoping to get some more stuff from the range to test out as I build my pro kit.

Will you be trying Artist of Makeup products?

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