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Beginners Makeup Kit - High or Low End Products?

Beginners Makeup Kit - High or Low End Products?

One of the key questions you should be asking yourself once you decide to become a makeup artist is if you're going to build a high or low end kit in the beginning.

Beginners Makeup Kit - High or Low End Products? High and low end products are an essential for any makeup artist's kit, but which should you have more of? Here we delve into both and showcase which ones are the best fit for your professional kit | Humairak.com

There's 2 ways to answer that question and in this post, we'll be discussing the pros and cons of high vs. low end products when you're building your kit.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, how much can you afford to spend? Some makeup schools provide you with a starter makeup kit, but I don't particularly like this idea. A makeup artist's kit is so personal, I think you should make the choices of what goes into your kit based on what you like, what your clients like, and what you can afford.

The second question you need to ask if, who are your clients? If your clients are brides, you're going to want to invest in makeup that is long lasting, waterproof and photographs beautifully. If you're after younger clients who are not going to spend much on makeup artist services for Prom, Graduation or Parties, you can perhaps go a little low end with your kit as they won't be expecting much for the price you're charging for makeup application.

High-End Makeup Pros

The pros of high-end makeup from companies such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia Beverley Hills are that your clients already know them. They want products they can't buy themselves for their special day, otherwise, they'd do the makeup themselves. It really doesn't matter how good the low-end products are, but if someone is paying you a significant amount on their wedding day, they're expecting high-end products from their makeup artist for the most part.

High-End Makeup Cons

The cons of high-end makeup are that they are expensive, and when you're just starting out, it might not be a cost you can justify. My advice would be to save a certain amount each month for your kit and then read the reviews for any high-end product you want to try.

If you can; go to the store, swatch it, ask for a sample and ask the staff questions about the product before making a purchase, and then buy 1 product from that line only. Once you're happy with the product, feel free to invest more from that line and then you won't have wasted your money buying a tonne of products that are just not going to work for your clients.

Not all high-end products are worth the price tag in my opinion. Some drugstore and chain brands do a significantly better job and cost way less than high-end versions.

Low-End Makeup Pros

The pros of low-end products are that they're significantly cheaper. Companies like Makeup Revolution, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel etc. make some fantastic products that are just as good as high-end ones and are significantly cheaper.

You can start with cheaper brands and invest a significant amount of products for the cost of one high-end product sometimes. If your market is on the lower end of the scale, then feel free to invest in these lower priced products. 

When you are just starting out and practising on yourself or family and friends, I would suggest starting out with lower end products to get a feel for how to apply makeup and then investing in the higher end when you feel more confident.

This also means that you can start out by charging less and still make a profit as you learn the trade.

Low-End Makeup Cons

The cons of low-end products are that they typically don't tend to last too long. For the amount you could spend on many low-end products, you could buy one high-end product that lasts and gives great results.

Some clients will turn their noses up at low-end products, especially if they're expecting your kit to be full of high-end products.

High or Low End?

In my humble opinion, the best way is to have a mix of high and low-end products. Tailor your kit to your market. Start small, save a little each month and build your kit slowly.

Is your kit high end or low end?


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