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Affordable Disposables from eBay for Makeup Artists

Affordable Disposables from eBay for Makeup Artists

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If you're a makeup artist hygiene and disposables are a necessity. Even if you're just doing makeup for yourself or for friends occasionally, this post is super useful to ensure you're all safe!

Affordable Disposables from eBay for Makeup Artists | Humairak.com

When I first started learning about makeup, I knew hygiene was so important as a makeup artist. It's one thing to re-use the same makeup on yourself but it's another to use on a paying client. Without proper hygiene, you can cause someone to develop an infection, which means they can sue you and then it's Bye Bye business!

Learning about hygiene as a consumer is also so important. Once you start practising proper hygiene, you will have fresher makeup that not only lasts longer but gives you proper application too.


Disposables are a makeup artists' best friend, but they don't need to be expensive! I buy most of my disposables on eBay and I will share the love with you so you know what to search for, as they're not always obvious!



Disposable Spoolies are perfect for scooping out cream based products like paint pots, lipsticks, cream foundations or anything that needs scooping out. I go through these like crazy, and I find a 25 pack lasts me a long while, but they're pretty affordable at £3.90 with free shipping on eBay.


mascara spoolies

Disposable Mascara Wands are ESSENTIAL when putting mascara on clients. You need a new spoolie for each eye as you must NEVER double dip the same mascara spoolie as this will contaminate the product. It makes me cringe in horror when I see makeup artists on YouTube use the same mascara wand on a client's eyes as this is SO DANGEROUS because it can cause an eye infection. NEVER SHARE YOUR MASCARA WITH ANYONE.


Eyeliner brushes

This is a new acquisition but I don't use this for applying eyeliner, although you could. I use this to apply my duo lash glue to strip lashes as the cotton buds don't put enough product on. I thought of this myself and so far this has worked really well! The lashes stayed on first time and looked fantastic!


lip gloss wands

Disposable lip gloss wands. Now, I use these for extracting liquid lipsticks but also concealers with a wand! I've never seen this done before, again my own invention for creamy concealers with a wand applicator. You never want to use the product's own wand on clients for hygiene reasons.

I dip the applicator in the product and use what's on the brush on the client.

Empty Cosmetic Jars

craft pots.jpg

These empty cosmetic jars are perfect for giving a sample of the lipstick you put on clients so they can top up throughout the day.

My clients are always grateful of the top up so that they can top up on their lip colour throughout their event.


party bags

I'm giving away all my secrets now! I actually got this idea from a Youtuber and it's a great way to gift your clients a few thing to help them maintain their makeup throughout the day. So I typically gift them some blotting sheets, disposable lip wands, their lipstick of choice in the disposable jars above and one of my business cards.

You can get these in a couple of sizes, but I just got the 11x16 ones as the other sizes were too small.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you to stay safe and gave you some ideas on how you can get disposable items on eBay for affordable prices.


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