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September 2016 Update

September 2016 Update


September has just whizzed by! I have had a decent month, and I'll be turning reflective as we enter October, my birthday month!


1) What's In My Professional Makeup Kit? - Still one of my top posts, this generates the most interest.

2) Umrah Packing For Women - Surprisingly my second most popular post as Umrah is not open as most people were going for Hajj in September.

3) 5 Minute Makeup Look - As I get older, I find myself trying to look pulled together, and even in 5minutes you can look presentable. It's just a case of priorities really.

4) NYX Dewy Finish Long Lasting Spray - I really did not like this setting spray, it made my face look like an oil slick!

5) How to clean makeup stains with Micellar Water - A surprising hit I discovered by accident.


September 2016 site stats

This month, my stats finally got back up to the 1,000 mark, although still not at 1,077 as we had in June, but this is a significant leap!


Social Media Stats


This montH, Pinterest remained my Number 1 referrer! I have been updating my Pinterest images and I think this has helped. We got a 154 views this month, which is better than 98 last month.


Facebook got 87 views this month, much better than the 37 last month. I've been posting more on Group Boards which I think has helped.


Twitter had 53 views this month.


I had 25 views from Instagram and finally have 405 followers! I've been Instagramming more, adding quotes as well as my regular posts.

I hope you enjoyed this update and learned something new :).

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