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Sleek Cream Contour Kit in Medium Review

Sleek Cream Contour Kit in Medium Review

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Sleek's contour kit is a decent entry into the contouring market. I'm supposed to be an expert in contouring since I am a professional makeup artist, but I can honestly say contouring doesn't suit everyone.

And nor can everyone do it properly.

That's why I think kits like this are perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike because they're pretty fool proof. You can't get into too much trouble, as the deepest shade in the palette is mid-brown, so it's not going to make you look too muddy.

Sleek Contour Kit Review



The kit includes 6 shades in the palette, and come in Fair, Medium and Dark so you can always find one for your skin tone.


I use these on my makeup clients, and layer these under a powder contour, and even when wearing for myself, it wears really nicely throughout the day.

The product itself is a little dry, so the best way to emolliate it is to use a little facial oil, and then apply to your face. And by a little, I mean one drop only.


I like it for what it is, and it is easy to work with, but I also think you're not going to need all those shades and may find yourself using one or two. As a makeup artist, if you're just starting in contouring, this is a great kit to pick up to get yourself used to it until you can invest in something more high-end.


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