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October 2016 Update

October is my favourite month because it's the month you were all graced with me! Yup, it was my birthday this month and I am now officially 32.

Gosh, that is crazy, now I have to update all my social profiles and can't get away with saying I'm only 31!


1) What's In My Professional Makeup Kit? - Still one of my top posts, this generates the most interest.

2) Umrah Packing For Women - Still my second top post.

3) Artist of Makeup Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Review and Swatches - Surprisingly my 3rd top favourite post, probably because I really slated the NYX eyeshadows in my reviews.

4) Beau Belle 18 Piece Luxe Makeup Brush Set review - I still love these brushes, and use them for my full glam looks when I want a full set of brushes.

5) NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer - Another new entry into my top 5. I really didn't like this concealer, and ended up getting rid of it.


Wow, we've made a massive improvement and beaten the highest views that I had in June which was 1,077! Users and sessions have increased since last month as well!



Pinterest is still my number 1 referrer. Last month we had 154 views and this month it's 252 which is so incredible!

I have 209 followers on Pinterest this month.


Facebook views are down this month to 53, as we had 87 last month. Not sure why this is, as I've been very active on Facebook.

I have 15 followers on Facebook this month.


My Twitter views are down this month as well. Last month we had 53 views and this month it's only 43.

I have 172 followers on Twitter this month.


This month's Instagram views are also down, with only 21 views compared to last month's 25.

I have 433 followers this month.


For once we have a Google+ entry as I am not active on this platform at all, and just maintain a cursory presence to increase my SEO juice.

I have 5 followers this month.

To be honest, I am slightly dissapointed that the social views are down, but I am pleased that we've gotten the views we have and clearly organic traffic is increasing which is better!

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