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5 Halal Restaurants Everyone Should Visit on Oxford Street

5 Halal Restaurants Everyone Should Visit on Oxford Street

If you're hangry, Muslim and visiting Oxford street in the middle of rush hour, finding a place to eat is not a problem.

5 Halal Restaurants Everyone Should Visit on Oxford Street

Oxford Street in the heart of London's shopping district hosts a variety of places to eat, the problem is most of them are not Halal.

Having lived in London for 3 years, and worked/visited Oxford Street quite a bit, I thought I would suggest Halal, Affordable places to eat when you need something to fuel you through the marathon shopping sessions.

I've tried to find affordable places that are a short walk away, so you're never more than 5 - 10 minutes walk away from Halal!


Hiba Street

Just off Oxford Street, located on Tottenham Court Road is Hiba Street, an offshoot of Hiba Express located in Holborn. Selling affordable Palestinian and Lebanese food, this is a really great option, plus it's very near a mosque if you need to stop off for prayers.

Burgista Bros

I LOVE their burgers. Succulent, flavorful, and just delicious. I've eaten at their Baker Street and Sheperd's Bush restaurants, and recently they opened one on Piccadilly Circus, which I really need to check out. I'd recommend the Chicken Wings and the Mexicali Burger if you want some spice.

Be warned, after eating these, you'll be so stuffed you'll need a nap. Shame they don't offer nap pods to snooze in!


We visited Stax once, and despite the hype, I was just left disappointed. The burgers have zero flavours, the wait times range from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours and it's so cramped, you're practically a part of your neighbour's conversation. But, it's just off Carnaby Street if you really want to check it out.

There is a mosque on Beak Street, but no facilities for women to pray, but it's near the Illamasqua store!


We've visited Dishoom at their Carnaby Street location, King's Cross and Shoreditch. The only place we haven't gotten to is Covent Garden because it was closed for repairs. This is on the more pricey end, but the food is delicious here.

This location in Carnaby Street is very near the MAC store for all your beauty needs, I mean it would be rude not to!

Katti Roll Company

Unsure about this place's Halal status, so we tend to stick to the vegetarian or fish options, but it's delicious for a light snack and 2 Katti Rolls will very much fill you up. You can choose roti or paratha to house your katti roll in, I love the prawn ones with the chutney, so flavourful!

Located just off Oxford Street, this place is perfect for fueling up before round 2.

If you are unsure about any restaurant's halal status, ring them up before hand. I can only recommend from the last time I visited of their Halal status.



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