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L'Oreal Clay Detox Mask Review

L'Oreal Clay Detox Mask Review

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This L'Oreal Clay Detox Mask has been so hyped up and pretty much out of stock everywhere, that it's almost become a cult product due to sheer unavailability.

But is it any good?

Hailed as the cheaper but just as an effective dupe as the infamous Glamglow face masks (now available at Boots here) which retail for *sharp intake of breath whilst we all clutch our collective pearls* £39 per mask (and exhale here at the outrage of charging such an obscene amount for a face mask!). 

I've never tried the Glamglow masks, but I am slightly tempted by the fact all the masks are available in a mini try-me set calling my name at Boots. Maybe one for next year's review!

So, back to this L'Oreal Clay Detox mask. I'm judging this as someone whose only foray into clay masks is the cheap ones from Superdrug on Buy 2 get 3 free from Superdrug or ones from the Body Shop I used to use in my youth. 

I'd been meaning to try this mask out for a while, and when I finally got my hands on it, I found out there were 3 in the range, but only 1 was available in my local chemist, which clearly shows I need to online shop more because clearly, the internet is much better for finding hidden gems. 


This mask retails for £6.00 each. There are 3 in total Detox, Purity & Glow.


This face mask is supposed to detoxify the skin and clear out any impurities. Some people buy all three masks and use them on the problem areas of each part of the face in order to multi-mask to get the most benefits from it.


Yes! I really enjoyed using this mask and I really feel like it got the gunk out of my face. When used with a sheet mask, it gives the most amazing glow and hydration to your skin.

I'll be buying this again, although I really hate dipping my fingers into pots, so I tend to use a spoon to fish out the product and whatever is on the spoon is enough to cover my entire face, but it really depends on how big your face is as to how many applications you will need.

Although it says you can use it 2 - 3 times a week, I find the tingly feeling a little unpleasant, so as such I'll stick to once a week for now.

Would you use a clay mask as part of your skincare routine?


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