Umrah Packing For Women & FREE Checklist

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When packing for Umrah, I found Maria's blog post on what to pack immensely useful! She has kindly provided a very comprehensive list of items to pack which will be incredibly useful for ladies.

Umrah Packing For Women. Here are all the essentials you'll need when planning the trip of a lifetime. Hint, pain relief cream is essential! |

I also googled around but found very few posts relating to Umrah packing for women. Apart from Maria's post, here is the summary of things that came in handy and things we wish we'd taken.

Items Used On Umrah

  • Travel shampoo* -  Get a big one as you may be having multiples showers a day.
  • Travel deodorant* - Get 1 for each week you're going.
  • Cheap SIM Free Phones* - Mr. T's Alcatel flip phone was better than my terrible Nokia cheapie phone, both bought from Argos.
  • Saudi Sim Cards - Our travel agency gave us some. You can buy some at the airport and top up as well.
  • Phone chargers.
  • Drawstring bags - If your travel company doesn't provide you with these then buy some from Amazon. (UK/USA)
  • Shower gel* - Buy a big one of these, preferably scent free as you are not allowed to use one with fragrance when in Ihram but you may use a scented one after you finish your Umrah.
  • Laundry bags - Muji Deodorising Laundry bags seriously saved us! We bought 2 and they've always come in so handy on every overseas trip (I can't find them on the website but they are available from Muji stores).
  • CROCs shoes* - Because flip flops will leave you with blisters in the heat. These can be popped into your drawstring bag when in the mosque so you don't lose your shoes. Don't fight it. (UK/USA)
  • Umrah books - Absolutely essential if you get abandoned like we did. We got books on how to perform Umrah and a book for Duas for each Tawaf and Sa'ee.
  • HandwashMaria I will love you always for this. So essential!
  • Face wash
  • Moisturiser - Decant your normal one.
  • Toothpaste - Buy a normal sized one rather than travel. We ran out and had to buy a big one on our last night!
  • Toothbrushes
  • Lip balm
  • Tawaf Tasbih's - My mum and dad gave us some. We lost them. Bought 2 from Medina and then found them again. Come in so handy to keep count of your Tawafs.
  • Travel Prayer Mat - A sister on another blog gave me this idea. I bought mine in Medina for 45 riyals and it came in it's own bag which doubled as a handbag. Mr. T bought one for 10 riyals which was smaller and more portable. Perfect for when you can't find a space to pray in the main mosques or out and about.

Items you never think you will need but really do

  • Deep heat* - essential after lots of walking and Tawaf. The marble floor is very hard on your legs, so this is essential for soothing the pain.
  • More T-Shirts - Mr. T and I both wish we'd brought more t-shirts. So handy to wear under your Abaya especially when you have to shower a lot!
  • Pyjama bottoms - I only brought 2, but I wish I'd brought more as I found I wore these under my Abaya's and they kept me cool.
  • Not bought abayas in the UK - I bought 3 abayas in the UK and I can honestly say, don't bother. Bring 1 to wear when you come in, but buy the bulk of them in Saudi as they're cheaper and the material is perfect for Saudi weather.
  • Extra Suitcase* - We only brought one medium sized one to share between us, but now I would take one per person for all those extra gifts! (UK/USA)
  • Hand cream* - Hands get very dry in the heat so this is essential to stop them from cracking.
  • Body lotion - See above
  • Talcum powder* - Keep you fresh in the heat
  • Twin Ball Massager from The Body Shop - When my feet were killing me, I was so wishing I had this!

  • Foot cream* - Your feet will sweat a lot and swell.

What did you find most useful when travelling for Umrah?