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Clarisonic Aria Review

Clarisonic Aria Review

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Clarisonic Aria Review | Humairak.com

I've wanted a Clarisonic* for years, but could never justify the price for it, as they range from £99 - £200, and that was way more than I wanted to spend on something I used on my face.

Since I started my new job, I wanted to treat myself to a new item to celebrate. I do this with every job I have, I bought my first iPod, mobile phone etc. with my first salaries during my employment history.

If you've never heard of the Clarisonic, it's a cleansing system which features a face brush that deep cleans your face. The one I purchased features 3 speed settings and is charged electrically every month or so.

You will also need to replace the Clarisonic brushes every 3 months, and each brush head costs around £21, but if you're using it often, you really need to change the brush that often.

After nearly buying 3 times, and doing a tonne of research, I finally settled on the Clarisonic Aria* in a special edition red for the Keith Haring foundation. It features Keith's iconic designs on the pouch, and it was on sale so I got it for £103.33 instead of £155.00!

So, why did I buy it? My skin has been very dull, tired and getting a little adult acne-ish to the point, I was about to book a facial to help clear it up. Then I saw one of my colleagues showing us her Clarisonic, and I was sure it was the right time to make the purchase.

The box the Aria comes in is HUGE! I love the bright but simple packaging with Keith Haring's pop art.

Inside the box, you get the Clarisonic Aria* and a lovely pouch with the charger and instructions as well as a cleanser.

The Clarisonic needs to be charged for at least 24 hours before use, which I didn't realise until 2 days later when I actually opened the box and read the instructions.

So lesson learned, always read the instructions!

To use it, simply charge for 24 hours, and then put a little cleanser on the brush. Press start and every 10 seconds the Clarisonic will tell you when it's time to move onto another part of the face. Use gentle pressure each time, and try to go easy for the first few times as it is a very intense cleansing system.

So, how is it faring? I've used it for a couple of days now, mainly at night before bed, and within 3 days my skin started clearing up!

I have been warned off a purge that is to be expected if you use it twice a day, as it's just your skin getting rid of the dead debris. But, I took a break after 3 days because I got so sick, I didn't want to infect my Clarisonic with my germs.

All in all, super happy with it!

UPDATE 04/01/2017: I've used this brush on and off consistently at least once a day, and when I used it consistently, it makes a huge difference in the texture of my skin. I experience less patchiness and my skin is a lot softer. This is the best thing I've bought for my skin!

Have you ever thought of using a Facial Cleaning Brush?


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