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The Truth About Being A Makeup Artist - 6 Months On

The Truth About Being A Makeup Artist - 6 Months On

I've been avoiding writing this for a while because who wants to share their failures with the world, rather than their successes, but it's important to document the highs and lows of becoming a makeup artist.

The Truth About Being A Makeup Artist - 6 Months On. The reality is, I'm not working and here's why | Humairak.com

As you all know I've written about how to become an asian bridal makeup artist, and whilst this is still what I want to do and am passionate about it, the reality is that I haven't done any paid work since I qualified at all.

There's many reasons for this, which I'll go through in more detail.


The most important aspect for any business is having customers, and whilst I have done my best to advertise online to find customers, they are just not forthcoming. My prices are either too high or too low. Even when I lower my prices to suit them, they refuse to pay! I am honestly at a loss as to how to attract customers, secure a booking and actually get paid. People are incredibly fussy and rude at some points.

Expensive Kit

I haven't spent as much as I could on my kit, I have a few high end brands here and there but most of my kit is quite affordable. Unfortunately, unless you have all MAC, some clients just won't book you which is incredibly sad as MAC is high end and I just can't afford that at the moment, not until I start making money from this career anyway!


I'm really struggling with advertising because whilst most people do Google their local makeup artists, a lot rely on word of mouth and I don't have a massive social circle here in London to get the reach some of my peers have. I'm currently advertising on Yell and Gumtree with varying degrees of success. Yell.com has me on a very expensive paid, sponsored listing but I have had more traction with that than Gumtree.

Image from Gratisography

Image from Gratisography


Lack of pictures is definitely a deterrent for most potential clients, but it's a vicious circle as without clients I can't get pictures. I do have friends who have very kindly stepped up and let me do their makeup for pictures, but most of my friends don't want to be on social media and it's a waste of my time to do their makeup and not take pictures, so I've stopped offering.


Last month, I didn't spend anything on my kit, but as of this month, I think I have spent in excess of £2,000 on my kit. A lot I know, but the one thing I learned is if I don't like a product there's no point buying a load of it for my kit. I'll probably do a bit of a clear out to streamline my kit at some point, but if I had known to keep my kit small and tight from the beginning, then I would have ended up saving more money.

Lack of Practice

I haven't been practicing on myself, as I feel really tired and drained from full-time work, but honestly I was getting so disheartened from the lack of interest I decided to take a break from it for a couple of weeks but now I have some new makeup to play with, I'm ready to start playing again!

So, whilst it hasn't been a smooth ride, it's important to realise when things go wrong, you need to take a break, re-evaluate and then get back on track. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and when I taste the sweetness of success Inshallah (God willing), this time will be worth it.

Have you got any suggestions or ideas?


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