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Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo & Aussome Volume Conditioner

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When your hair is feeling parched due to the changing weather, there's one brand I come back to time and again to get my hair hydrated again, and that brand is Aussie.

Aussie Aussome Volume  Shampoo & Aussome Volume Conditioner

My hair has been feeling so dry, limp and parched and despite using hair oils and my Lush Honey Shampoo, it is just not getting back to normal. I'm also suffering from an incredibly itchy scalp due to having my hair up quite high when wearing my hijab/headscarf.

I popped into Superdrug and was just desperate for a solution because nothing was working. I spotted this Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo & Aussome Volume Conditioner on offer, so I decided to purchase them.

I've been using Aussie products since I was a teenager, and I know I can rely on them to make my hair feel much calmer.

After the first use my scalp instantly calmed down, and that familiar Aussie smell instantly relaxed me. Even Mr T commented on my hair looking better!

I've been trying a new hair tip that is making a difference that I learned from Huda Beauty. Basically, I'm putting conditioner on first, and then shampooing my hair out. Honestly, my hair feels much less sticky and more conditioned.

Switching shampoos and conditioners every wash really helps my hair not get used to one shampoo and conditioner and makes it work harder. Have you heard of this tip?

What are your tips for itchy scalps?

What's your favourite shampoo and conditioner?

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo (Boots / Superdrug*)

Aussie Aussome Volume Conditioner (Boots / Superdrug*)



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