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Beau Belle 18 Piece Luxe Make Up Brush Set Review

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Beau Belle 18 Piece Luxe Make Up Brush Set Review. I'm not the type of person to really get that excited about makeup brushes, but since I really started getting into makeup, I really appreciate a good quality makeup brush, I just don't want to pay a huge amount for them.

Beau Belle 18 Piece Luxe Make Up Brush Set Review

I know Zoeva brushes are incredible and I have one brush which I love very much, which I featured in a Beauty Bay haul, but the full set costs about £100 and as a starving makeup artist/beauty blogger, I'm not going to pay a ridiculous amount of money for cult beauty brushes when I have a full set of Pro ones which cost the same amount as part of my course.

However, I knew I needed to upgrade my brushes from when I didn't know any better as some of them are going on 10 years old (woohoo for taking care of your brushes!), and so I set out to find a half decent selection for myself that wouldn't cost the earth. I tried eBay brushes but the quality was absolutely horrendous, and I knew if I wanted to purchase some brushes, the price and quality had to be on par with my expensive brushes.

Is my search over? YES!

Introducing a german brand called Beau Belle which I found on Amazon (If I can't find it on Amazon, it doesn't exist).


Beau Belle 18 Piece Brush Set |

This is the case that the 18 piece brush set in. I love that I can literally roll it up, and it has a magnetic clip on the back to keep everything together. The brush set is perfect for those of us who travel a lot like me (nothing too exciting, but I'm up and down the country a lot visiting family).

Beau Belle 18 Piece Brush Set |

This is what is included in the brush set when it's unfurled. 18 pieces of professional quality brushes. They do have brush sets with more pieces, but the only reason I bought this particular set was for the HUGE fan brush. It's so soft!

Beau Belle 18 Piece Brush Set |

Here's a closer look at the brushes, you can see that it comes in a wipe down brush roll, which is perfect for wiping down after you're done. From what I can tell, the start has brushes for the face, and then there's some eye brushes.

Beau Belle 18 Piece Brush Set |

There's some foundation, powder & fan brushes for the face. Then 2 flat eye shadow brushes, angled eyeliner brushes, blending brushes and some more eye makeup brushes.

Beau Belle 18 Piece Brush Set |

I love that there's an eyebrow comb and mascara brush, perfect for brushing out those brows and getting them on fleek!

Beau Belle 18 Piece Brush Set |
Beau Belle 18 Piece Brush Set |
Beau Belle 18 Piece Brush Set |


As I said, I bought the brushes from Amazon and they came pretty quickly as we have Amazon Prime (thanks hubby!). When the brushes first came, I didn't have time photograph them, so they sat on my dresser for about a week, until the weekend I could photograph them and eventually use them.

When I finally got round to using them, I nearly melted with how soft they were and dare I say it, better than my pro brushes. I washed the brushes after using them, they didn't shed too much hair and retained their shape pretty well after the first wash, which is pretty good!

The variety of brushes you get is perfect for the makeup enthusiast and as a second kit for the professional, or even as a travel set of brushes as you can easily roll them up and off you go. They come with brush guards to retain the shape of the powder, foundation and fan brushes which I've not seen in cheaper brush sets.

All in all, I'd say they were a pretty good investment and half the price of pricier brush sets. I'd totally recommend them.

Would you invest in a makeup brush set?

Let me know in the comments below!



Beau Belle 18 Piece Luxe Make Up Brush Set Review. These brushes are affordable, soft and just gorgeous to look at. Half the price of Zoeva and available on Amazon! |