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Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil With Argan Review

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Can a hair oil really change your life? I'm Pakistani, so I would say Yes according to my mum it can!

Hair Therapy Oil With Argan

We all hate it when our parents are right and my mum has been banging on at me for years to oil my hair up. And in the first time of forever, I finally listened. Technically, I listened a few months ago when my hair started falling out in clumps. And then my scalp started getting itchy which is when I started using the Aussie shampoos and conditioners again.

Why You Should Oil Your Hair

If you grew up in a desi household, you know the first thing your mum or grandma said was, "Let me oil your hair!". We all tried to run away, but their strong capable hands and iron grip made it kind of impossible. As a kid, I HATED having my hair oiled. The only choice back in the day was Amla Hair Oil* which has a very strong smell but is incredibly good for your hair.

Oiling your hair regularly (and by regularly, I mean at least once a week) has many benefits. Depending on the oil you use, it can really have a positive impact on your hair. You can oil using Olive*, Almond (I swear by this one!), Jasmine* or even Avocado oil. The most popular one is Coconut in the summer.

The gentle (or as gentle as you can get when your mum is in charge!) massage helps stimulate blood to the scalp which helps it grow stronger and longer, and moisturises dry, flaky scalps. You can oil your own hair, or if you're very lucky you can rope in the help of a friend, partner or even your mum!

How Long To Oil For?

You can leave the oil in for half an hour, an hour or overnight. Whatever you prefer and need at that time. I used to oil overnight, but it has such a strong smell, I tend to oil it for an hour before a shower and then rinse it out.

With the ascent of the British version of the summer, and wearing a headscarf most days, my scalp is really suffering. My hair can't cope with proper hair oil more than once a week, so I needed a lighter solution that would absorb quickly but moisturise my hair on the go.

Superdrug Hair Therapy Oil With Argan

Superdrug really is a treasure trove of products, and if you look hard enough, you might find something new that will surprise you!

When I first started using this, I just found immense relief. I tend to put it in my hair the day after washing to bring some pep back to it and stop the frizz. It's a very light oil, you only need one pump.

The pump action is actually genius, only take amount the oil you need! You just pump a little out and run it through wet or dry hair, concentrating on the scalp, and distributing the leftover oils on the rest of the hair.

I'd definetly recommend this for anyone with frizzy hair and an irritated scalp, plus it's super affordable which is always a good thing!

Would you try oiling your hair?



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