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April 2016 Update

April seems to have whizzed by so fast and we're now in May. I hope you're enjoying the sunshine and the bank holiday weekend with your loved ones. It snowed in April and it was such an odd occurrence, especially as April is such a transitional month and we haven't seen snow in London since I don't know when!

April 2016 update

In terms of things going on, I've been furiously working away on this little blog and last week I did my first ever themed week series which I came up with on the spot. It takes a lot of effort to think and write 3 posts a week, and whilst tiring, I'm actually really enjoying it.


Site Stats

April 2016 Update

In March's update I shared that we'd hit 720 views, this month we've hit over the 1,000 mark which I've never ever been able to do, so thank you so much for your kind support. This is especially poignant as we're about to hit our 1 year Blog Anniversary in May!

I've really been making an effort with my Instagram feed, and posting more on Twitter. This month, I hope to continue the growth and increase my followers on Twitter and hit 300 followers on Instagram.


Social Media

Ever since I've started taking this blog more seriously, I've been working really hard on my social media presence to make it easier for me to connect with you. Here I'll discuss what's working on each platform and what's not:


I've got a very small following on Facebook, but I've been making more of an effort to engage with my followers and post new content. I tend to share my own posts more as I know with all the timeline changes, it can be hard for people to see my posts.

I post in a couple of Facebook groups, and I've found being more active on these forums has helped me get more traffic to my site that way, but it's the least popular social platform for me, which is why I don't make too much effort with it.


Twitter has been the surprise smash hit for me as I get most of my social media views from Twitter. I'm not sure whether that's because I'm posting more, hashtagging or people are really engaging with my content.

I post twice a day but I try to live tweet, and I've been getting more chatty on Twitter as well. Posting more blog related content and tagging the creators of that content has really helped I think in promoting my profile.


Pinterest is one of my biggest social media referrers and I've found that pinning quality content has really helped me get re-pins. I have one pin on my Fashion board that seems to be doing really well, and I get a lot of re-pins on that even though it's not mine.

I have tried to make my Pinterest page more uniform and pleasing to the eye with board covers and separate boards for each topic.  


Re-imagining my Instagram has been the best thing I've done for that platform. I'm still trying to figure out how to get Instagram to work for me, but I have the most followers on this platform.

I've found having a consistent picture theme, hashtagging everything and tagging the brands I feature has really helped to get my profile into my biggest social media network. I'm near 300 followers, so if you haven't followed me yet, please do!

How was your month?

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