Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer review

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Makeup Revolution has been making a splash over the last few years, but 2015 was the year that it became a Blogging favourite. I bought a couple of pieces for my Christmas epic haul, this time I spotted this Baked Bronzer and decided to give it a try.

Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer|
Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer|

The Baked Bronzer is described as:

For an all year round bronzed look with the buildable Vivid Baked Bronzer. Provides a natural looking colour which lasts all day.
Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer|

I was skecptical at first because how would bronzer even show up on asian skin, but I was wrong and I'm so glad I was. Every bronzer I've tried so far has just made my skin look ashy. This baked bronzer is a bronzer/highlighter depending on how dark your skin is and how you want to use it.

On me, it gives a healthy sun-kissed glow which is what you want in a bronzer without looking too glow-y (is that even a word?!).

Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer|

I took this bronzer with me to rainy Amsterdam, and it looked absolutely stunning like I'd been bathing in sunlight all day when clearly I hadn't!

I would so recommend this product as a natural bronzer/subtle highlight as it does have a little shimmer in it. The shade I got was "Rock on world". There are other shades available in the range, but this was literally the last one left in Superdrug.

Would you use a Baked Bronzer?