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My Secret Pinterest Strategy To Increase Clicks To Your Website

My Secret Pinterest Strategy To Increase Clicks To Your Website

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Pinterest is the best social search engine that can get you lots of eyeballs on your content if you can get found. With the new Pinterest Smart Feed in effect, it can be really hard to get found or to find the content that the people you already follow.

Pinterest has been a HUGE referrer for me and I've seen my stats go from 17 referrals in January to 72 in May!

This is a more advanced tutorial, so if you're new to Pinterest, check out my Pinterest board to see how to get to grips with the basics.

Here's my secret Pinterest Strategy to increase referrals to your blog or website.

Find New Pins From People You Follow

Pinterest Notifications Feed | Humairak.com

First of all, login into your Pinterest profile, and click on the notifications tab. This is the little speech bubble in the corner just before your profile image at the top.

Once you open it up, you've got 3 options. You can see NEWS, Notification of people who've pinned your content and finally messages. Click on the NEWS tab to see what Pinners you're already following have pinned recently.

New Pins from Pinners You Follow | Humairak.com

Once I click on the person's profile, it shows me all the new pins they've saved onto their pinterest boards, that I might not necessarily see on the Smart Feed home page. This ensures I find relevant content to my niche, that I can share to my followers and pin on the group boards I'm part of.

Scroll Down For Related Pins

Related Pins | Humairak.com

This is another thing that's a hidden feature that most people overlook. In the Smart Feed on the Home page, if you scroll down on the suggested Pin, Pinterest has a whole heap of related Pins that could be a goldmine for original and new content to Pin that are related to that niche.

Create a Secret Board

This is something I've not seen mentioned anywhere but I don't Pin or Save anything until it's been read by me. A lot of people will say you should like before you Pin or Pin everything and then go through it, but this takes a heck of a lot of time, and it could penalise you if the links don't go anywhere.

To Look at Pinterest Board | Humairak.com

Pinterest likes you to share quality Pins that have a link. These are much more likely to be seen and therefore when you're Pinning your own Pins, your content will be seen as well. I created a secret board called, "To Look At" (imaginative, I know). All I do on this secret board is Pin any pins I might want to read later. I do this when I'm on the computer when I'm Pinning from my smartphone, whilst I'm out and about, waiting for appointments. It saves me a lot of time to have a "Read later" board to Pin interesting pins and then investigate them further.

For every 20 pins I save, only about 2 get Pinned onto my Public boards and the groups I follow. This makes me a great Pinner because I only share high quality, useful Pins!

Loop Your Pins

BoardBooster is a great tool to loop your Pins and get your content seen multiples times a day. It's a free trial to try it out, which I did for months before I became a paying customer. If you follow this link, you can sign up for a free trial, and if you become a paying customer, I get $5.00!

The free trial lasted me a good couple of months depending on how often you Pin. If you want an in-depth tutorial on how to set up BoardBooster and get Pins looping, check out Jill Levenhagen's comprehensive guide with videos for each step.

This has single-handedly become the quickest way for me to get more traffic to my site. I ended up paying for it simply because it's such a great way to get more people to see me who wouldn't normally do so.

Create a Template For Your Own Pins

Best of Humairak.com

If you have a template for your Pins it's much quicker to identify your Pins from a sea of Pins. To create a Pinterest friendly image, you can sign up for Canva and it automatically has a template for Pinterest friendly graphics. BOOM! No messing around in Photoshop or anything. Plus, it's FREE!

As you can see, I have a specific colour scheme for each Pin so readers know exactly what topic is being discussed. I created all of these in Canva and it literally took me 2 minutes for the text ones, and 5 minutes (including uploading the original pictures) for the beauty ones.

Brand Your Boards

Pinterest Board Branding | Humairak.com

As you can see, I branded all my boards with cover images and I moved them around to show the most popular boards based on my Pinterest Analytics data. I was inspired to do so by this article on House of Muses and it's helped my followers and those new to my board quickly find the information they need.

So, that's it! My Secret Pinterest Strategy to increase referrals is secret no more!

Please let me know if you have any tips or tricks to increase clicks on Pinterest.


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