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June 2016 Update

Hi, everyone! June has finished and we're into July now so I thought I'd catch you up on what's happening at



Ooops I did it again! After what felt like ages having the same layout, I decided to change the layout as I start to plan the new horizons I want to reach this year In Shaa Allah. I opted for a more image based layout called FOUNDRY. The one I was using before was called FIVE here on Squarespace. 

The great thing about Squarespace is that you have a limited number of layouts but they're all easily interchangeable and you can seamlessly go from one to the other and back. I was inspired after the session from Melissa's Wardrobe that we had from No Bull Blog School to try and take things up a notch.

Now we've entered Year 2, I want to focus on writing different content including Food and Travel. These won't be every week, but I will be introducing these elements slowly as I establish myself as a well-rounded Blogger.

Site Stats

The bit you're really here for!

June 2016 Stats


So this month, we hit over 1,000 views again alhamdulillah (Praise be to God). I put this down to a few things. I submitted my article, "The customer is always right even when they're wrong" to Thirty Plus Blogs and they featured it and got a whole load of new views.

I also have been diligent in promoting my articles by scheduling them on Buffer although last week, I got a bit lazy and didn't get time to do this due to starting a new job. I've also only been posting 2 times a week and whilst I saw a dip in traffic for a little bit, it's picked up again alhamdulillah (Thanks to God).

Social Media

Social Media Stats June 2016


Pinterest became my number 1 referrer this month with 210 views. Last month I only had 72 views. My most popular post was, "What's in my Professional Makeup Kit?" which has actually changed massively so I will be creating a new post on this when I've finalised my kit for the season.

I think because a lot of people want to become Makeup Artists or are just starting out now it is Wedding Season, they need a bit of inspiration and if you're interested in learning more about becoming a Makeup Artist then I have a whole series of posts on the topic here.

Other popular Posts this month were:

I have 153 followers on Pinterest this month. You can follow me on Pinterest here.


Twitter was my second largest referrer with 78 views this month. The post with the most impressions was "Midi Wrap Dress with Blazer" and the second one was "Sleek iDivine Storm Palette & Blank Canvas Cosmetics E10 Brush on Cloud10Beauty".

I have 160 followers on Twitter so I gained 1 engaged follower this month. Whoo hoo! You can follow me on Twitter here.


From Facebook, I had 36 views this month. I've stayed the same in terms of 13 followers, but again I'm not that bothered about this. 

I can't track which was my post popular post on this platform, so if you know how to do this, comment below and let me know!

You can follow me on Facebook here.


This month on Instagram I have 346 followers which is INSANE! I'm hoping to hit 400 followers by the end of August In Shaa Allah so it would be awesome if we could get to this point quicker. I really credit this to the lessons from No Bull Blog School, if you're looking to ramp up your Blog to Pro then please check it out. It's taken new students for this session but if you're interested, do sign up as it is not only affordable but actually USEFUL!

I had 6 sessions from Instagram for this month. It's awesome we can now quantify Instagram on Google Analytics!

You can follow me on Instagram here.

Goals for July

Now that Ramadan is ending next week (Boo!) and we'll be past Eid, I'll still be busy with full-time work. I've gone back to working in HR and I am also taking on Bridal Clients for my Makeup Artist Business, "Oh How You Glow" so I imagine July will be a tad busy!

I will continue posting 2 times a week, but I've changed up the schedule and now post in the evenings as I get most of my followers then. I will also be doing more diverse posts including Food and Travel as I mentioned.

If you have any suggestions for posts please let me know in the comments below!