How I Survived a Stroke at 31

This is not a topic I ever thought I would talk about ever but unfortunately, I recently had a Stroke and that's why I've been M.I.A. for the last 3 weeks. I've been in hospital for over 2 weeks seeking treatment.


The funny thing is I didn't even have a Stroke. I thought I had strained a muscle pushing something at work. When I was having the numbing sensation in my mouth, I put it down to an allergic reaction. 

The breaking point came when I fell in the shower and hurt myself very badly, to the point I could not feel my left side at all. At that point, we decided to go to the emergency department. After tests, they decided to investigate further and it turned into weeks of tests and no answers. 

Finally, I was diagnosed with a Stroke and moved to the specialist department and started on Physio and Meds. I have more tests to do but alhamdulillah (thanks to God), I am on the mend.

Things are still difficult with my left arm and hand, but I am much better than before.

If you need more information about a Stroke, check out the Stroke Association website.

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