How To Clean Makeup Stains On Carpets With Micellar Water

We all know Micellar water is a miracle product, but did you ever think that it could save your carpets when you or more likely your children get a little too enthusiastic when playing with makeup?

How To Clean Makeup Stains On Carpets With Micellar Water

I came up with this idea while cleaning my makeup off my face one night that if Micellar water can "eat" my stubborn eye makeup, then why can't it clean my carpets of deeply ingrained makeup stains?

The day before, I had been cleaning out my makeup drawer and unfortunately my gel eyeliner and some other products made their way to my very beige carpet leaving a stain. Previously, my husband had tried to get rid of the stains with Vanish, which left a white cast as it bleached the carpet.

I put the idea to use immediately, and doused my carpet with micellar water and then using a clean cotton pad scrubbed the stain out. Amazingly, it not only got rid of the day old stain, it also got rid of the older foundation stains in other parts of the room. 

After sharing it with a fellow beauty blogger, Umm Baby Beauty I realised I needed to share this incredibly easy tip with you all.

So there you have it, buy a cheap bottle of Micellar Water and not only will you be able to get your makeup off easily, but also clean up after yourself or anyone else with none the wiser!

Have you got any Micellar Water tips?



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