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August 2016 Update

August 2016 Update

As you know, there was no July 2016 update as I was in hospital after a Stroke, so I thought I would continue our tradition now August has ended and September is here.

Popular Posts

I'm introducing a new segment to showcase this month's popular posts, there's some from this month and some oldie but goodies in case you missed them.

1) What's In My Professional Makeup Kit? - Ever since I became a makeup artist, I've been OBSESSED with finding out what is in other people's kits, so I thought I would share my own. I'll do an updated kit review at the end of the year because it's changed SO MUCH since then.

2) How I Survived a Stroke at 31 - This was hard for me to write, but as of now, I'm recovering slowly alhamdulillah (Praise be to God).

3) Artist of Makeup - Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Swatches and Review - I wrote this at the start of the year, and I'm amazed people still come back for it. Still some of my favourite eyeshadows for intense looks.

4) Beau Belle 18 Piece Luxe Make Up Brush Set Review - I still love and use these brushes, so check out my review if you haven't already.

5) Kiko Everlasting Kajal (Review) - Kiko is a hugely popular brand, but this eye pencil just smudged too much for my liking. I'm very tough on my makeup, so if it can withstand my oily skin and itchy eyes, then I'm happy. Sadly, this missed the mark for me.

Site Stats

August 2016 Stats

This month, my stats dipped a bit, but that is because I was out of action for the end of July until mid-August. I'm also going to be posting more when I feel like it rather than a set time of week simply because I get too tired easily right now, so I'm taking it easy until I'm fully recovered In Shaa Allah (If God wills).

Social Media

Social Media August


My referrals are down this month, but I still got a decent 98 views from Pinterest.

My most popular pin is still What's In My Professional Makeup Kit? 

You can follow me on Pinterest here.


For once, Facebook knocked Twitter off the second place spot! I had 38 views this month, which is 2 more than in June. I have 14 likes this month, which is 1 more than June. Slow and steady guys!

You can follow me on Facebook here.


This month, Twitter was only 27 views. My top Tweet was the Casual Summer Date Night outfit with a top from Your Clothing. I tagged the brand got over 1,000 views!

I have 163 followers this month.

You can follow me on Twitter here.


Instagram has been up and down this month. I went a bit crazy posting, but I have been posting more quotes through Buffer. I've also been loving Instagram stories, so much easier to figure out than Snapchat and you can see who's viewed your story. 

I have 384 followers this month.

You can follow me on Instagram here.

Income Update

For once, I am making a tiny bit of money from this blog. It's more like pocket change, but I thought I'd share to inspire others.

Amazon - £2.11

Affiliate Window - £0.85

Not much I know, but it's at least a start!

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