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What Bloggers Need To Know About Snapchat & Instagram Stories

What Bloggers Need To Know About Snapchat & Instagram Stories

Snapchat & Instagram are the two titans vying for our attention but which one should Bloggers focus on?

What Bloggers Need To Know About Snapchat & Instagram Stories

In this article, I break down the Pros and Cons of both as well as try and help you figure out which one you need to focus on and which one you can coast on.


Instagram used to be all about sharing your latest holiday snaps and being creative, now it's a competitive marketplace with hashtags for days and more accounts than you can put your manicured finger on.

It can be daunting as a new user to figure this medium out because it's not like Facebook (even though now it is OWNED by Facebook).

With any social media platform that you use to promote yourself, it can be hard to be seen and heard. Instagram now has so many rules about how you can be seen ever since they changed the algorithm. So, when they introduced Instagram Stories which clearly is a blatant rip-off of Snapchat, it was a godsend to those with many followers who weren't seeing engagement with their pictures being seen. You could finally talk to your followers directly and see who was engaging with you.


Instagram Stories allows you to share live content as well as import existing one e.g. from Snapchat. You can share screenshots of your latest Blog Posts, ask questions and generally get engagement (that elusive word we all love and hate).

If you have a conversation with a follower, it's not going to disappear in 30 seconds, it remains part of your message history and you can refer to it again whereas on Snapchat you can't.

Instagram Stories has the Boomerang & Hands-Free feature which is not available on Snapchat.


Instagram, in my own personal opinion, is fickle. It takes a lot to get engagement because people have very short attention spans.

Most people I follow share quick snippets rather than lengthy talking videos which are more frequent on Snapchat, and more likely to build engagement.

Most Bloggers including myself prefer people to come over to them on Snapchat because it's much easier to build engagement on Snapchat (and yes all those filters might be the main reason).


Snapchat has been a haven for Bloggers with its 30-second videos, prevalent filters and generally fun nature. This medium has become the next big thing for brands and bloggers alike to connect and share their daily life away from the perfectly curated world of Instagram & Facebook.

You're more likely to find Bloggers sharing their workout routine, talking to you with no makeup and generally engaging more with questions and comments.


Snapchat is good for Bloggers because you probably already know a lot of people, as it accesses contacts from your phone, so you're likely to have a following already.

It's also good for Bloggers who want to share more lifestyle topics such as Food, Events & Travel which would not be shared on the carefully curated Instagram feed if it did not fit the theme, but which you can easily download and share on Instagram Stories as well.

I personally find I get more engagement from my Snapchat followers than I do on Instagram, and have more conversations than I do on Instagram stories. For me personally, I feel like I get to know Bloggers better as they're more candid about their everyday life and more likely to share secrets and exclusives on Snapchat than on Instagram.


If you're already getting engagement on Instagram, then it might seem silly to open a Snapchat account, which is perfectly fine!

Snapchat like Instagram stories is fickle. You might get lots of engagement one day and zero the next, but it almost feels like tuning into your favourite TV show because unlike Instagram Stories, Snaps are only 30 seconds so Bloggers can be as short or as long as they like with multiple snaps over a period of time which can get annoying as it cuts off when they're about to say something important.

It can be time-consuming to open yet another app and share your day rather than stay on Instagram if that is where you're most active.


I personally think you should try both and see where you get more engagement whatever that means to you, and which medium you feel more comfortable in. For me personally, I prefer Snapchat if I'm being more real and Instagram Stories when I'm sharing something quick.

I'm also just as likely to download a video I shared on Snapchat to Instagram stories and vice versa as not everyone who follows me on Snapchat follows me on Instagram.

If you want to follow me on Instagram you can follow me here and if you wish to add me on Snapchat, my username is @humairakaay.

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!


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