Hijab Styling Masterclass Review

Hijab Styling is becoming a massive industry, and I have been interested in learning for ages. Sure you can watch YouTube videos and learn, but for me, learning from a teacher with other students and making connections face to face is the easiest way to learn.

I chose to go to Uzma Chaudhri's Hijab Masterclass which she held in Westfield Stratford on Sunday 29th January 2016. Uzma is based in Manchester and does Hijab Styling courses from her home, but Manchester is too far for me to travel because I live in London, so this course was perfect for me as it was more accessible than going to Manchester!


Just as you have hair styling, Muslim women who choose to cover their hair with the headscarf or hijab often want to style it for special occasions or even for weddings.


For the one day Masterclass, I paid £300.


All students were asked to bring 3 maxi hijabs and 2 dupattas with a border. Clearly, I misread that and brought my bridal dupattas rather than embroidered ones which I realised much later I should have brought.


The class is entitled Basics to Bridal. As soon as we got in, this is the set-up we all saw:

Hijab Styling Masterclass | Humairak.com
Hijab Styling Masterclass | Humairak.com

We all got given a "Julie" aka a mannequin head attached to the table, scarves, volume clips a custom headpiece from Cerise Blossom, Pin Cushion from Sodis Gems & some pins.

Hijab Styling Cerise Blossoms | Humairak.com
Hijab Styling Hijab Volume Bobbles | Humairak.com


Pleated Hijab Style - Humairak.com.jpg

The first Hijab Style we practised was the simple pleat. As you can see in my first go, the pleats are a little loose, as my Julie had an abnormally small head.


Turban Hijab Style - Humairak.com.jpg

This was Uzma's basic Turban style, she said clients very rarely ask for this, so we didn't spend too much time on it.

2 Hijabs Pleat Style

2 Hijab Pleats | Humairak.com
2 Hijab Pleats Side | Humairak.com

Out of all the styles I created, I think this one is my favourite. I really enjoyed creating the 2 pleated look with the headpiece. I had a lot of corrections from Uzma's team, as I was not understanding how to do things correctly, but I got there in the end!

My pleats aren't the neatest, but I'm sure with practice this will get better.


Hijab Dupatta-Style Humairak.com.jpg

The Dupatta Hijab Style was tricky for me mainly because as I mentioned earlier, I brought the wrong styles. Doh! Thankfully, one of the other students very kindly lent me hers.

As you can see the back is a little messy and needs more practice.

Zig Zag Hijab Style

Zigzag Hijab Style | Humairak.com

The ZigZag Hijab Style was pretty difficult for me, but with lots of help, I managed to figure it out. Again need lots of practice on this style.

Ruched Hijab Style

Ruched Hijab Style | Humairak.com

Next we tried the Ruching Style, this was one of the easiest for me once I was taught the technique! At last, something I was good at!

Bridal Hijab Style

Bridal Hijab Style - Humairak.com.jpg

The final style was a Bridal Hijab Style on the clock with all the other students. Everyone had to come up with a 3 Hijab Style, and this was my final one. Not my best, but I really enjoyed doing it!


For me personally, I think this course even though it was a 1-day Masterclass was worth it.

I could have learned all this stuff from YouTube but I wasn't that motivated to do it personally. By forcing myself to pay for the knowledge, I took it a lot more seriously.

The second reason I went to this class is that Uzma has trained some amazing people including Sheuli Nessa & Aisha Rahman whose careers as Hijab Stylists have gone from strength to strength after training with her. Uzma keeps the classes small so she was available to talk to every student and offer encouragement.

I also met a lot of ladies, and we have our own group on Whatsapp, and if for whatever reason I can't take a job when I am ready to start, I know I have an amazing and talented group of ladies all over London who I can trust for help & support which is worth its weight in gold!

Uzma also very kindly gifted us the most amazing starter pack which I'll share in the next post, otherwise, this post is going to get way too long!

At the end of the day, with practice, critique and encouragement, I'm sure I'll be able to start this business and make my money back pretty soon In Shaa Allah (God Willing).


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