London Modest Fashion Week 2017

London Modest Fashion Week 2017 |

London Modest Fashion Week was the culmination of London Fashion Week. The title is slightly misleading as it was held over the weekend at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Think loads of posh people and shops, and somehow little old me, decided to go with the hubby in toe.

Tickets for the 2 day event started at £100 and since I wasn't paying for that as I am on a budget and unemployed (Blogging really does not pay), we opted to go for the shopping day which was £!5 each, but with the half price discount code from a social media influencer, I managed to get half price tickets.

Do I wish I had gone to the runway shows? Yes and No. Yes, it would have been fun, but to be honest I'm sort of into my own version of fashion rather than the latest trends. I would have liked to meet my follower who was at the show, but alas it was not meant to be.

The queue to get in even with a ticket was INSANE!

Queues at London Modest Fashion Week 2017 |
London Modest Fashion Week 2017 |
London Modest Fashion Week 2017 |
Schedule at London Modest Fashion Week Saatch Gallery -


Lip Lab London |

This company has only been operating for 6 weeks and had debuted at London Modest Fashion Week for the first time!

The concept was that you can customise your own lipstick and create your own shades. Prices start at £10 for pre-made lipsticks & £20 for a custom-made lipstick. As they've just launched, I can't find much info, but I will link to their website here so you can sign up to their mailing list.


Naturyl Glow at London Modest Fashion Week 2017 -
London Modest Fashion Week 2017
Naturyl Glow Sample -

Naturyl Glow is a new skincare company. They've been operating for 5 months, and their main product is a mask/scrub that is made from all natural ingredients. They claim to be Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan, which I think is going to be a HUGE trend in 2017. I already tried the Halal toiletry range from Tamese & Jackson which I talked about here and which I still LOVE!

The scrub was inspired by Indian weddings and uses turmeric, lemon, almonds, grapefruit and oils to create a brightening scrub and mask. I managed to snag a sample after sharing their picture on my Twitter, and I'm really excited to try it out!

The price for a full-size product is £24.99. You can find out more about them here.

Luna's Essentials
Art of Heritage

Artist of Makeup

Artist of Makeup
Zukreat and Humaira
Artist of Makeup Products -

I mosied on over to the Artist of Makeup Counter, and as you know I LOVE all the products as I did a review a while ago on the eyeshadows and eyeliner pen. This time, I knew I wanted to try out the foundation and add 2 new shades to my collection, plus 10% discount for the event, I was sold!

And I also got to meet the founder of the brand, Zukreat! Omg! She is so stunning and absolutely tiny in real life. I walked past her at IMATS but didn't have a chance to say Hello. I totally fangirled and embarassed myself as you can see in this awkward pose by dropping my AOM bag just before this picture was taken!

Like I say, if you ever meet me in real life, I am clumsy and super awkward haha!


Would I go again next year? Absolutely! I'd probably save up and stump for the full 2 day runway tickets but I definetly think it's a great day out and a good way to support muslim businesses in a great location!