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Colourpop Supershock Shadow & Ultra Matte Lip Review

Colourpop Supershock Shadow & Ultra Matte Lip Review

Colorpop is the name on everyone's lips, but is the hype well deserved?

At the moment, you can only get Colorpop directly from their website or a third party seller in the UK like Rubywoocosmetics which buy in bulk and sell it on for a marked up price. To buy Colourpop from the US, they offer free international shipping after $50 which is a hell of a lot of money on a brand you're not sure about as yet.

Colourpop Liquid Lipstick & Supershock Shadow Review

I'd been dying to try out Colourpop for a while, mainly due to Sal from UmmBabyBeauty who is my biggest beauty enabler with her enthusiasm for products and encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Colourpop!

When Uzma gifted us the Super Shock Eyeshadow and the liquid lipstick at her London masterclass, I was super happy to try them out!

Now I've had a play over a couple of months, I can not only give you my honest review but a time-lapse video showing you how the products survived over 9 hours in one day.

Colourpop Supershock Shadow in I Heart This

When this first came out, I remember I heard the formula was revolutionary and like nothing people had ever seen. It was pigmented and long lasting which for a drugstore brand was unheard of.

It's described as:

Our famous long-wearing crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture. It's super creamy, insanely pigmented, and has one swipe intensity with zero fallout.

Now that I have used it a couple of times, I can say I do like the formula, it is buttery smooth and gorgeous to have on. It glides on smoothly with a brush and with primer lasts a very long time. The shadows come in matte and shimmers, the one I have is a shimmer shade called I Heart This

Would I buy it again?

I'm in two minds, to be honest.

One part of me wants to literally buy every shade but the other more sensible side is gasping in horror at the shipping fees and the customs charges that would come with it.

Buying from a UK seller is more expensive and I could get another brand for cheaper or a more high-end product for the same price because while the shadows only cost $5 in the US, to buy enough of them to get the free delivery after $50 is not worth it in my opinion.

So, whilst I am grateful to have been gifted this shadow, I will not be rushing out to buy it.

Colorpop Ultra Matte Lip in Creeper

I wanted to like this, I really did! This is a gorgeous orange toned bright red that is right up my street.

Described as:

This thin, lightweight formula smoothly glides on the lips leaving SUPER intense pigment with a bold, ultra-matte look. It is very long-wearing and 100% kiss-proof AKA no transferring!

I had high hopes for this. Of the two times, I've tried wearing this, I put it on bare lips without a liner, straight from the wand. 

After doing my experiment with the lip brush on one side, it definitely adhered better but throughout the day, it came off quite a bit and moved around on my face which is why when eating oily food or having to kiss someone at all will mean the lipstick will end up all over their face.

The formula itself doesn't quite dry matte, it's still a little tacky which is why it looks quite shiny, and more like a stain by the end of the day. It was quite comfortable to wear and it took 3 cotton pads before the lipstick came off completely when I took my makeup off.

Reading the instructions now, I realise you need a liner underneath and to apply it with a lip brush, which in my opinion defeats the point of a liquid lipstick. I can do that with a good matte lipstick that will cost me less.

Would I buy it again? No, I am literally cutting my liquid lipstick collection down as the only one I've found that is hydrating and long lasting is the Huda Beauty one, nothing else has compared so far with the formulation and longevity of that product.


The Video

I've created a video on Instagram, which you can see here which shows me wearing the lipstick and eyeshadow, and checking in over a period of 9 hours.

On this day, I went to Asda, ate lunch, took a nap and generally did errands.


Let me know your thoughts in the comments section, are you a Colourpop fan? Am I doing it wrong?


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