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Naturyl Glow Sun Inspired Face Mask

Naturyl Glow Sun Inspired Face Mask

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Naturyl Glow Sun Inspired Face Mask | Humairak.com

I met the founders of Naturyl Glow at the London Modest Fashion Week event in February where I tried a sample of their face mask. We've since kept in touch in the weeks following and I learned more about the founders and how the brand came about.

Since interviewing and reviewing the Tamese & Jackson products last year I've really been getting into the Halal cosmetics and Natural products lately.

I was asked to collaborate and review the Naturyl Glow Sun Inspired mask, so I decided to also interview Aisha, one of the founders, on their inspiration for the company, the benefits of the mask.

In their own words, this is the story of Natural Glow:

What inspired you to create this product?

We wanted to set up our own business, and after doing some market research, we came across the idea of developing a product in the Healthy & Beauty industry.

My husband came up with the idea of developing a Face Mask inspired by the traditional Haldi Ceremony at Asian weddings.

From developing the concept to the fruition of the product (no pun intended!) it took 2.5 years, and we have been operating for 5 months now.

What are the ingredients in the Face Mask?

We only have 6 ingredients, the key one being Turmeric, but it also includes Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Lemon, Grapefruit & Garbanzo Beans.

Why is it Halal?

All the ingredients are permissible, but there is also no alcohol in the product and it is suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians.

What skin types is it good for?

It is suitable for Combination & Oily Skin. You can use it if you have dry skin, but it is not suitable if you have eczema or broken skin as the ingredients permeate the skin and may irritate you.

We also would not recommend it for anyone who is sensitive to nuts or any of the other ingredients.

Unfortunately, there is this misconception that all natural products are safe for everyone because they contain all-natural ingredients, but with all products, you need to do a patch test 24 hours before applying to the area. We highly recommend this to ensure the ingredients are safe to use on your skin.

If you do buy a natural product be aware that you may be sensitive to the ingredients, and you may have an allergic reaction, which is why we recommend doing a patch test.

What are the long-term benefits of using this product?

The immediate benefits are that it exfoliates your skin and instantly gives you a glow. The long-term benefits centre around healing and repair to the skin as Turmeric is good for healing the body internally & externally. 

With a natural skincare product, you are investing in a product that will benefit you over time. 

There is no quick fix.

When you apply the mask, it will take you several weeks to see the results on a long-term basis because mainstream products with artificial ingredients act in the same way as a natural product, but they are much more potent which is why you may see the result immediately.

What is the shelf life of this product once opened?

3 months.

The oils help to keep its longevity, but if you use the product once a week for 3 months, it weighs out the initial cost.

Are there any future developments.

We are prototyping new products and developing products that people are interested in. We want to revive the old beauty routines of our grandmothers as they had amazing skin from using natural products, so we are working on creating more products to address our customers needs.


So finally onto the review!

Naturyl Glow Sun Inspired Face Mask | Humairak.com
Naturyl Glow Sun Inspired Face Mask | Humairak.com

The Face mask was delivered quite quickly once sent in very secure packaging. 


The Sun Inspired Face Mask costs £25, but with the code GLOWHUMAIRA you can get 10% off until 24th March 2017.


It includes 50ml of the product.


I've done a whole video on Instagram on how it looks on the skin and how much you need to apply, which you can check out here.


Honestly, I think you could make the mask for a fraction of the price at home, but most of us have not got the time, energy or patience to create something like this from scratch every time we want that glow, so you are paying for convenience. 

The good thing is unlike the fresh face masks from Lush, this mask is supposed to last 3 months, so if you only use it once a week, it's still pretty cost effective especially for the results you get, and for a natural mask, that's pretty good in my opinion.

I asked the husband to test it out, and his comments were that whilst it took 3 teaspoons to cover his face, he was super impressed by the glow once he washed it off, and the incredible smell. (I won't be sharing the mask with him again!)

Would I buy it again? I'd definitely save it as a treat mask every 2 weeks rather than every week because when I'm on it, I mask a lot and I think this particular mask is very different from any other mask I've tried in that I can not only see the results instantly, it also smells amazing. It's very difficult not to eat it!


You can only buy this on the Naturyl Glow website.


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