Muslim Lifestyle Show 2017

The Muslim Lifestyle Show was the most hyped up event last year, so in its second year, did it deserve the hype?

If you haven't heard of either the Muslim Lifestyle Show or the very first Muslim Lifestyle Expo which I covered last year here then you must have been living under a rock.


Tickets for the show were reasonably priced. At £10 for adults.


In terms of attractions, there was so much choice it was spread across 2 floors. There were cookery corners, play pen for the kids, a fashion show upstairs, eateries and of course shopping stalls of Halal & Muslim Lifestyle brands all under one roof.

From Doctors giving you free check-ups, Banking brands & Window Installation services you were spoilt for choice, and I honestly felt 1 day was not enough to see everyone and speak to people which got frustrating as there was, even more, activity upstairs and I ended up having a tantrum because I didn't get a chance to do everything as it was so spread out and vast.


In this section, I'll highlight the brands I personally spoke to and show you some of the interesting stuff that caught my eye that I would not be aware of before this event.


Baby Bismillah

This was probably the most innovative brand I'd seen in a long time. Baby Bismillah were selling packs for little muslims with colouring books, toys, a Dua book and much more. What made them innovative was they partnered with Little Human Appeal so every bag bought saved a life for a young child.

I thought this would be so good to give out at an event with lots of children as party favours like a birthday party or wedding and at the same time you're earning reward and saving a child's life.


Siddiqa Jumah Islamic Art

I'd seen this artwork from Siddiqa Jummah at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo last year, and I am obsessed with one of the prints, so I was so happy to see her again exhibiting at the Muslim Lifestyle Show.

Siddiqa Jumah Islamic Art

A similar piece to this is one of my favourites as it represents the diversity in Islam and the rainbow of people who choose to follow our faith.

Elixir by Saarah

Elixir by Saarah Instagram

Elixir by Saarah was a brand I've seen on Instagram a few times, so it was nice to see them in person.

The product is an oil with frankincense and pomegranate, with gold flecks in it. Very similar to the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir but for half the price. Saarah herself told me she had been wearing her makeup since 6 am, and when I was talking to her it was nearly 3 pm, and she still looked incredibly fresh.

I bought the elixir for £25 and will be reviewing it in a future post.


Drama Free
Drama Free

Drama Free caught my eye because as a Hijabi, I love finding new Hijab brands. All the pins are affordable prices and they also sell Hijabs as well.

Esse Aromas

Esse Aromas

We had already interacted with Esse Aromas at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo, so it was nice to stock up on some more car air fresheners and sniff the new Oud reed diffusers.

The Cave

The Cave

I was in love with these T-shirts as soon as I saw them but because I was in a rush, I didn't photograph the stand so it took a couple of days to track down the company. I've finally discovered it's called The Cave and now I'm trying to figure out which Tshirt I want!


So that was my experience with the Muslim Lifestyle Show. Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

I say this every time but if we don't go to support these events, we won't have any in the future. Looking forward to next year!

Which brand do you want to find out more about?