Why hoarding does not make you a better at Makeup

We've all done it when we first get into makeup, but here's why hoarding Makeup does not make you a better at applying it.

Since I made the decision to take a break from doing MUA work for personal reasons earlier this year, I've sold off practically my entire kit. Bobbi Brown BBU Palette? Gone. All my NARS Foundations and Concealers? Sold on.

Despite having an enviable kit of makeup, I was hoarding it just in case that type of client came along.

So why did I sell everything on and start again?

In this post, I'll be sharing with you the reasons why you might be hoarding your makeup collection and what you can do to use what you have.


This is very much a disease of the Instagram and YouTube generation. We're constantly marketed to not just by companies but other people including influencers and friends. It can get overwhelming and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) may drive us to spend money we shouldn't on a product.

Before you drop money on a new hyped product, figure out if you really NEED that Huda Beauty Palette or the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette? How much use are you realistically going to get out of it versus a self-made palette from Makeup Geek or a cheaper Sleek palette?

I know clients can be really snobby about brands, but one of my favourite YouTube makeup artists Beatfacehoney uses drugstore products on famous names including Nikki Minaj and Brandi and she explains why in this video.

It's her skill at doing makeup that people buy into, not her kit.

That's not to say you shouldn't buy higher end products, but starting out, focus on a smaller kit and learning how to really use it before you buy just to have it in your stash.


One of my favourite Makeup Artists, when I was getting into Makeup, is Nisha Davdra who I'm now honoured to call a friend.

When I got to meet Nisha and told her I was a Makeup Artist too, the one piece of advice she gave me which in hindsight I should have followed was to play with your kit.

Try all the colours in that palette you just bought, even the bright ones that scare you just to see what colours work together with that awesome lipstick you purchased.

Figure out how pressed pigments and glitters work and perfect your smokey eye and wing liner all before you go anywhere near a client or event.

I really wish I'd listened to Nisha, and only now when I've taken a break do I realise that before I go back to it, I will need to practice a hell of a lot more.

Until you play with your existing makeup you'll never know how far you can push a product and really wow your clients with your expert knowledge.


One of the challenges of having a big kit is that you have to lug it from client to client and at some point, you will lose makeup which absolutely sucks because trust me, when you're not looking, a client may steal that very expensive Anastasia Beverley Hills Highlighter or that Zoeva brush that performs miracles.

By taking a tailor-made kit, you know exactly what products are in your kit so if one does go missing, you know immediately which product is missing.

Carrying a big kit up a flight of stairs or anywhere requiring public transport is a nightmare.

I used to carry not only my kit but a folding chair for the client which was incredibly heavy when you're trying to drag it up flights of stairs!

Thankfully, I learned to edit my kit but I was still carrying 2 heavy bags upstairs which is not fun!


When you have a big kit and you're constantly buying new products, it's so easy to miss old favourites that may come in handy when you need them.

I know I've completely forgotten about MAC Paint Pots or Kiko Milano Shadow sticks and then come upon them when I was tidying my kit.

Now I have a much smaller makeup kit, I know at a glance which products I love and which would be better off with a new home, which I wasn't able to do before.

I've also rediscovered old favourites and actually use the makeup I have as my new aim in life is to hit pan on everything I own and love.

I get very overwhelmed with too much stuff and having a smaller kit means when I do get back into client work, I can offer the best service to myself and my clients to make them look amazing.

Are you a recovering or happy hoarder?

Let me know in the comments!